The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention – Your Ultimate Adventure to Yesteryear

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Joe Martelle, Author of Radio Pro

Joe Martelle Radio Pro

Popular radio personality, JOE MARTELLE, best-known to his millions of loyal listeners for his warm, personable one-on-one style will be a guest at this years’ MANC.   Last year (2013), Martelle was presented the radio broadcaster of the year award by the Maine Association of Broadcasters. It was particularly...

Veronica Cartwright, From THE BIRDS to DANIEL BOONE

Veronica Cartwright picture

The older sister of Angela Cartwright, Veronica Cartwright began her career modeling for print ads. During the 1950s, she ultimately became the Kellogg’s Girl doing television commercials for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Sugar Smacks and Rice Krispies. At the age of nine Veronica appeared in In Love and War (1958), playing Robert...

Connie Stevens, Cricket from HAWAIIAN EYE

Connie Stevens, Cricket from HAWAIIAN EYE

It is rare that an actress can successfully transcend the entertainment gamut from Motion Picture Star, Television Star, Broadway Star, Recording Artist, to the concert stage and then on to develop a successful cosmetic empire. In a career that has spanned over 30 years, Connie Stevens has gained worldwide...

Lana Wood, Bond girl from DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER

Lana Wood

Bond girl Lana Wood was originally Svetlana Nikolaevna Zakharenko to Russian parents, born in Santa Monica, California. Her elder sister, Natalie, was named after director Sam Wood when Natalie first launched her child acting career. When Lana made her film debut in The Searchers (1956), their mother was asked under what last name Lana should be credited, and Maria...

Dave Shelton, Actor and Author

Dave Shelton

Dave Shelton, an award winning writer, cartoonist and voice actor, has had his writing compared to the likes of Ray Bradbury, David Lynch and Stephen King and his cartoon work to that of Charles M. Schulz, one of Dave’s idols. As senior writer and head of cartoons at National Lampoon, he put out two best-selling...

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