The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention – Your Ultimate Adventure to Yesteryear

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Dave Shelton, Actor and Author

Dave Shelton

Dave Shelton, an award winning writer, cartoonist and voice actor, has had his writing compared to the likes of Ray Bradbury, David Lynch and Stephen King and his cartoon work to that of Charles M. Schulz, one of Dave’s idols. As senior writer and head of cartoons at National Lampoon, he put out two best-selling...

William Sanderson, Newhart and True Blood

Newhart TV Series

When the sun set on the acclaimed western series DEADWOOD, the vampires came out and William Sanderson traded the black hat of Ian McShane’s depraved cohort E.B. Farnum for white as self-assured Sheriff Bud Dearborne in Alan Ball’s “TRUE BLOOD.” Set in small-town Louisiana, the exciting new HBO series...

George Lazenby, James Bond signing autographs in Maryland

George Lazenby, James Bond signing autographs in Maryland

In Hollywood, hindsight is always clear and effective and fans of the James Bond franchise have asked the question: “What would the franchise have become had George Lazenby played James Bond for more than one movie?” Australian model turned actor George Lazenby, who played James Bond only once in 1969′s  On...

Josip Elic, Character Actor from THE PRODUCERS

The Twilight Zone The Obsolete Man

If you’ve seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), The Producers (1967), The Twilight Zone (1960), Black Rain (1989) or Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964), then you’ve seen Josip Elic. Character actors may or may not be household names, but their faces are certainly familiar because they made more appearances on television and movies...

Piper Laurie at the 2014 MANC Convention

Piper Laurie at the 2014 MANC Convention

In 1950, Universal signed her as a contract player when she was only 17-years-old, and changed her screen name from Rosetta Jacobs to Piper Laurie. She was cast in the movie, Louisa (1950), her first motion picture, and became very close friends with her costar, Ronald Reagan. (In her 2011 autobiography, Laurie...

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